A small spiral notebook with a 28 april 2011 scrawled across the top.

Blog Entry 9/9/15

Site 1: http://ababoota.weebly.com/

Ashley Baboota’s site is focused on how hotels can utilize storytelling as a marketing tool. Essentially the site focuses on how this storytelling can become an integral caveat that attracts customers. The site is relatively minimalistic in terms of menus which I think is a positive. Navigating the site is not overly cumbersome. That said, the photographs she uses on her home page do not have good contrast with the wording on top. While it isn’t impossible to read, I feel as though it could be made easier for web browsers. Her organization is solid and I think she does an excellent job of not crowding too much information on a page. I think I can take how to budget space and how much information I can fit into a single page from this site. I feel as though the layout is basic and effective and overall the site is good.

Site 2: http://ashirmahidaportfolio.weebly.com/

Ashir Mahida’s page also was minimalistic but made use of stark contrasts to create a more engaged homepage. The black and red contrast is a vibrant and effective choice which I have in my own site. That said the purple does not mix well with the darker background as both colors are quite dark. Navigating this site is also very smooth and easy due to the basic nature of the menu. Sometimes less is more and this site’s menus seem perfect. The images chosen enhance the pages based on the text inside but do not synergize well with the overall aesthetic of the site. I would advise changing the images to things that fit more or possibly altering the overall style of the site to better accommodate the images. Alignment in the piece is fantastic and everything looks organized. Another very effective site and one that I will keep in mind when designing my work.

Image Attribution: Today (#3) by russellstreet  CC BY-SA 2.0



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