A slightly tarnished, deeply intricate, fountain pen sits atop a page of text. The page is covered in edits; bright red ink throughout the image.

Site Information

This WordPress site was created with the assistance of Dr. Fodrey and fellow classmates in the Fall 2015 Digital Rhetoric course at Moravian College. Utilizing the “Museum” theme to create pages that placed emphasis on minimalism in order to bring text and image to the forefront. Pictures were found through creativecommons.org and Flickr with images taken from users:Nic McPhee, Count to 10, Nikki Tysoeand russellstreet to create visually engaging pages. The site utilizes some minor animation in the form of picture scaling which instills life into the homepage as well as adds some vibrancy to the site as a whole. The top menu features direct links to all major areas and the bottom sidebars provide a more detailed cropping of the various menus and content items the site features. Visitors can access either of these features and can access the home page by clicking the site title “The Pen and Paper” from any page. Leaving my site uncluttered allows my work (specifically my writing) to come to the fore. I believe that writing is my strongest feature on the site and am planning on emphasizing this through not only design but also site title, and images. Overall, the site serves as a hub for me to place all creative thought in relation to digital rhetoric and writing. 

Image Attribution: I tend to scribble alot by Nic McPhee CC BY-SA 2.0



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