An orb of orange gas transfixed into the blackness of space.

Blog Post 10/9/15

My selection for the upcoming project is…drumroll please….still up in the air. Right now, I see two very different options each with different strengths”:

Option 1 would be to continue on the economic spin I have used from my previous works (essay 1) and to write more about the collapse of the American Dream. I would like to focus this piece around student debt for college graduates, and how this debt is becoming larger and larger. The debt bubble is spoken about relatively frequently so I think I would be able to find some good evidence of this.

Option 2 would be focused on space exploration. We have just discovered more evidence of Mars’ surface being possibly livable for humans (water was discovered) if we are diligent in research and willing to make the trip. This idea is fascinating; having people explore the stars is something that seems both out of reach and necessary at the same time. For this I would look at the resurgence of interest in space through popular artifacts like The Maritan and Interstellar. I would also look towards prominent figureheads who advocate space exploration like Elon Musk, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Overall, I think that both options are very interesting and my choice seems dependant on whatever I feel more interested in exploring come the end of this fall break. I am confident that either choice will have enough content so right now I feel comfortable and confident heading into the project. If anyone has any preference or suggestions I would greatly appreciate the input as it would probably make the choice that much easier for me.


One comment on “Blog Post 10/9/15

  1. Sorry for the delay on feedback, Chris! I think either topic would be interesting, but you will probably find a lot more about Mars. Mars is pretty fascinating. And I just checked your next blog post and you chose that topic anyway. 🙂



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