A blue glowing Starfield.

Blog Post 10/16/15

As this is a direct continuation of what has been written in my last work, I have decided to use the same image so that the two are interconnected visually. As I look ever deeper into the idea of Mars I have begun to try to zero in on the technology that is so important. What I am noticing is that a lot of the technological milestones we are striving for are not delivered as achievements, rather they are simply solutions to prove the anti-exploration population why we should travel. What I mean is our new discoveries are focused less on the discovery itself and more on the disproval of a doubt that those opposed to space exploration have. This discovery is important because it reveals a lot about the ideologies of the two opposing groups (most notably the group desiring exploration). The group who is pro exploration desires the support of the other; they focus on trying to prove why the option is not a far fetched reality but an actual possibility. As a result, we see them constantly providing evidence to the world that technologies are being developed which allow for extended space travel. The other (anti exploration) group is independent of those who want to explore. They operate in doubt that is not related to the other side in that they do not attempt to actively refute the findings proposed by the pro explorationists, rather they simply create newer and more difficult situations for them to explain, refute and disprove.



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