The Grill of a giant red 18-wheeler truck.

Blog Post 10/4…Breaker Breaker 123

From the research I have done for the last project I have noticed that arguments are made typically using either fear or technology to advocate for space travel. When I think of my intended audience (College Age Students), I think they would most likely connect with the technological advancements we have made to promote space travel versus the fear ideology. I think building a more concrete factual piece would be effective because it is much harder for someone to blatantly ignore factual information as opposes to a ton of sentimentality. With this in mind, I want to claim that we are making great strides towards interstellar travel and back that up with different aeronautic discoveries.

My piece will be mostly logic focused. That said, I can see using some emotional to either capture fear or hubris (i.e. White Man’s Burden) to make my work more persuasive. My credibility is very important, but right now I don’t know exactly how I can establish myself as credible. At this early stage I think piggybacking off more established, credible sources would be most effective. Essentially I want my audience to leave the work thinking that space travel is not only a possible reality but a necessary one. To do this, I have to focus on finding artifacts and different media sources that emphasize how we are advancing technologically, and how these advances directly translate to interstellar exploration. Essentially, I hope to reconnect the intrigue that once surrounded ‘outer space’ with a youth populace that seems to have all but forgotten. I think the best way of doing this is by showing how close we truly are to exploring the stars because I think a common conscious collective is that we simply aren’t technologically advanced enough.

Also, the trucker image is a play on the date (10/4) because 10/4 is a common colloquial used by truckers to signify that they are understanding things on the radio. Just didn’t want the attempt at humor to go unnoticed…

NOTE: This joke is actually pointless because it is November which is the 11th month not the 10th which means the right think is 11/4 which doesn’t have anything to do with truckers….I am not a smart man, but I am willing to own my mistakes. Therefore, I will leave this pitiful attempt at humor up so everyone can marvel at my complete lack of calendar knowledge.



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