A gold and Silver Pen sits alone amidst a white backdrop.

Blog Post 11/11/15

My project right now is in a kind of metamorphosis. I have been searching Emaze, but a lot of the aspirations I have come with large price tags. This economic hurdle has really made me think about what I am doing as a content creator versus what I am doing as a student. I think my plan is great from a student perspective because I know what makes a good presentation, but as a content creator I am not as intrigued. That is why I am thinking of shifting what the actual bulk of my project will be. I am struggling with the idea of ethos and how the project will engage beyond the machination of an academic presentation and I think there is a lot of room for transformation. I want to challenge myself to do something I am completely different from what I normally do which has been a theme of this class. Creating a WordPress, a Storify, using social media: all firsts. What I think I would like to try to tackle on this final project is a true multimodal creation, a podcast.

I think recording a podcast of fellow Moravian students and myself would be an awesome way to create multi-modality in my presentation. Having the podcast broken into topics, and each topic living in its own location on my Emaze creates a whole new element to the project. I will take the audience on a journey through a space with my Emaze, and provide information through the video content I create as a podcaster. Overall, I am very excited at this new development (I hope Dr. Fodrey will be as well).



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