A table listing Needs and Solutions

Project Update (11/13)

In preparation for the actual construction of my project I have begun to really iron out what I am going to do. These logistical projects are great guides for me and will (hopefully) keep me on a tight schedule. Below is an asset chart that I have constructed for the project:

Needs Solutions
Podcasting Location Six person suite on HILL w/ sizable common area.
Podcast Host Me
Podcast Panel Kush/Vishu Solanki, Mathew Alexander, Jerome, Athena?, Jenny?
Release Forms Printable Versions available/Getting Video Confirmation from all
Equipment (Camera) Digital Recorder from CIT/Iphone for establishing shots and backup.
Equipment (Camera Placement) Tripod
Equipment (Audio) Audio enhancer attached to Digital Recorder
Cameraman Me or Kush Solanki when I am narrating.
Program (Editing) I have purchased iMovie for my laptop/Using Mac Lab also.
Storage Content can be stored on Google Drive
Narrator Me (I may have some fellow casters say closing words on location).

I feel confident in the tools that I have at my disposal, and I hope that I am able to procure them all when I need them. The timeline I have set up is meant to get the bulk of my content as early as possible, and leave time for me (as a narrator) to fill in the holes left behind. I am planning on filming the podcast this Saturday, and using the subsequent week to edit the talk/figure out what I need to say as a narrator so as to fill in blanks and provide context. Once I have this figured out, I am going to spend Thanksgiving break writing what I will say as the narrator as I want this aspect of the work to provide meaning. While I want the podcast to be free-flowing and organic, my narration will be far more fine tuned. The following week I plan on filming my narration and simply plugging it into my already edited video leaving me with a few days wiggle room for the project the following week. In general, I like this timeline because it allows me the flexibility to push events back if something comes up. Also, the break time allows me to really catch up and do great work as I won’t have to commit to much other than eating turkey!



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