A small spiral notebook with a 28 april 2011 scrawled across the top.

Project Update 11/17

This weekend I recorded the podcast and uploaded the footage onto my laptop. I plan on using using this week to go through the entire stream of footage and editing whatever needs to be edited. I’m not entirely sure where I want to place everything yet, but we separated the video clips by topic. As it stands, my longest clip is 30 minutes long which makes it somewhat troublesome to export. That said, the topic that was included in that sequence was one of the more natural feeling ones so I think the trade off was worth it.

In terms of making the project ADA accessible, I have to create a transcript of the work, and then make subtitles for the work. I think playing the audio and then using a program that will transcribe for me is my best option.

In terms of editing, I am mainly focused on trying to make the voices in the podcast as clear as possible. I want to try to clean up the audio initially, and then go through the entire podcast to listen and see what information or discussion is valid and what isn’t necessary to put in. From that I plan on just cutting and blending all of the works together. I think it is important to say here: I am NOT deleting any content. It is impossible for me to know if something that I see as unusable today will remain unusable a week from now so I would like to keep everything. Further, this excess content could be used to plug holes or fix gaps in the actual content that I deem the strongest. In general, I am right on schedule and I am looking forward to continuing my project!




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