An orb of orange gas transfixed into the blackness of space.

Project Update 11/20

I have spent the bulk of time shifting the sound and image quality of my podcast to something I like better. Luckily, I have found a quality I think is adequate in both regards, and I am ready to shift onto the editing process of making my video. I plan on initially making edits to the video, parsing out the sections and deciding where they will be arranged, and then deciding what sections need my narration in between them. This process will be only as time consuming as the actual podcast itself (as I will be simply listening to it and making edits as I progress). That said, I hope that I won’t need to make too many edits.

I hope to maintain the kind of conversational vibe that we when initially recorded the podcast so editing it to heavily will make the work seem dull and lifeless. Overall, I think I am still in a good place as I will be able to spend the day editing and then creating the narration script next week. Also, I will be using the oration method on Google Drive as outlined in class to make my work ADA accessible as well. I have begun to shift how I may want to film the narration parts, as I have found a nice interior location that might mitigate sound pollution versus the outdoor shots. I am planning on recording in both locations on a day of nice weather and deciding from there.



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