A crumpled ball of paper.

Project Update 12/4

The three questions I have for peer review are:

My podcast is a little under an hour from my latest edit (57 minutes), and I plan on including up to five minutes of narration on my end making the work slightly over an hour in total. Is this too long? Do you think people will engage with the entire show? If not, do you think having them skip topics would be a negative?


As I stated above, I plan on having narration where I speak alone to a camera and discuss what the underlying messages of the podcast are. I think it will help my work seem more thoughtful/give me some more accessibility in terms of ethos. What do you think about this narration idea?


Finally, I am planning to put my project on EMAZE currently. DO YOU KNOW WHAT EMAZE IS? I want this to be accessible and am concerned that people will not know what that hub is. Do you think there is another location for my podcast that would give me more exposure? (I was thinking YouTube)



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