About Me

Hello my name is Christopher Hassay and I am currently a Junior student at Moravian College studying English and Business. With this site I look to create multi-modal content through my own creative lens. I hope this site will provide a unique perspective for not only my Digital Rhetoric classmates, but also any outside viewers who stumble upon it.

My own digital literacy has been fostered through my extensive searching (and use) of various digital-media outlets and gaining practical knowledge through my use of these sites. Whether it is streaming videos on Youtube, browsing through topics on forums like NeoGAF and Reddit, or searching online databases for literary criticism I have internalized various facets of design from each digital media resource which I hope to convey throughout the semester. That said, my knowledge of actual digital creation is lacking, which is why this course is so alluring to me.

Digital Rhetoric seems like a fantastic and logical next step in my English studies. Being able to use the skills I have attained as a writer in previous classes, and apply them to the digital realm allows me to channel my skills into something that is relevant currently. The web is the by far the fastest growing media outlet and being able to apply my skills to this area allows me to become a more well rounded English student.

This site will feature multi-modal content and the dissemination of information from other multi-modal sources. Furthermore, and emphasis will be placed on using various tactics to create pages and posts that will both engage the reader and (hopefully) illicit some form of a response. I thank you for reading this description and I hope your experience with the rest of this site is consistent with it!