For my multimodal project I am trying to show my audience varying viewpoints surrounding space travel. Furthermore, how space travel is on the horizon technologically, and how we, as a species, are destined to travel the stars. To create this concept, I am going to highlight the technological advances we are making in aerospace fields as well as highlight different artifacts that show space travel positively by discussing various related topics. I think this information is extremely important because I view space travel as an interesting topic, and see the need for interstellar exploration in our society currently. Shifting people’s attitudes towards this like-minded ideal is my goal as space travel deserves to be more prominent in the public conscious.

After looking at other multimodal pieces I enjoy, I have selected two main genres that I hope to combine for my project. The first is a presentation hub called Emaze. Emaze allows content creators to make presentation in a three dimensional digital space providing a high level of motion and fluidity. I hope to mimic an Emaze called “The Art Gallery.” This presentation is similar to a walk in an actual 3-d space (an art gallery) which provides an interesting fold to the content. I hope to try to create a clear flow  in my own piece and using an outer-space Emaze seems like a great way to engage an audience further. The second genre I am interested in is youtube-style videos like podcast channel: Kinda Funny and a cinematic, editing focused channel: TheGods1marineI plan on creating a podcast akin to Kinda Funny where I bring up varying topics related to interstellar travel and discuss them with a panel of my peers. Also, I aim to create an intro piece similar to a TheGods1marine video where I act as a narrator to provide context to the audience.  Overall, the genre conventions I want to focus on is layout, and distribution of content.

Design: I am planning on designing my project in Emaze depending on how readily I find tools that will help me create the kind of motion I want (something like Cosmos). I want the work to be sleek and expansive so I am going to employ design choices that communicate this. Using a logos based approach would be effective, so I want to establish a sincere and professional look for my work. Also, I think having an open dialogue with others is a great way for me to establish ethos with my audience. Having a design like this fits nicely with what is currently thematically viable for other artifacts in popular culture because I will be able to use these stylistic convention as a catalyst for my own ideals.

Center of GravityThe so what of my piece is the idea that interstellar travel is a realistic near-future, which is amazing to think about. Being able to leave our own planet and explore others opens an entirely new chapter of the human experience, and I think having people become more aware of the momentous cogs turning in their world is important. Not only is this kind of discourse important for our generation, but also future generations who will look back and see this content as precursors to an interplanetary age.

Research Plan: I already have most of my research done so the bulk of my plan is focused on learning programs, and seeing what others have created to inspire my own work. I will continue to monitor different sources to see if any new, substantial discoveries are made in aerospace technology, but for the most part I think I have all I need already. In terms of programs, I am still not very familiar with Prezi and I have never used Emaze, but the creative leash the two afford is a great opportunity to learn. Also, I think just diving into the sites content, and seeing what other successful presentations look like would be great. I have never used iMovie so I need to acclimate to that program (the lesson we had was helpful). I think mostly just tinkering and searching for ideas is my research plan currently. I plan on reusing a lot of the source material I have in my storify, and going into greater detail about what each means. For example, rather than referencing an article and how it contributes to ideology, I will actually talk about the findings of the article.



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